Introduction of New Products

BA-5 type Drain Separator
Drain separator separates and takes out drain in steam pipe line and Air pipe line by Buffet type (Impact type) system with innovative flow direction.
RP-6 type Pressure reducing valve for steam
Cover large sizes 100 – 150mm by RP-6 Pressure Reducing Valve.
It is concentrated high performance and ability in compact.
T type Strainer
Complete new type Strainer.
Big size and stainless steel for body are now on sale.
Steam Trap embedded in RP-6
Pressure reducing valve with Steam trap.
Float type Steam Trap, AF-15F,16F
Energy saving construction.
AF-15F and 16F are available for heat exchange device and big volume drainage part, etc.
Thermodynamic type Steam Trap, AD-17, 17F
Applicable for wide-range pressure.
Stainless steel type Steam Trap, AK-16
Best solution for pure and clean steam.